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AscendoSoft Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

BY IN AscendoSoft News On October 16, 2014

AscendoSoft Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Release date: October 16, 2014

Redmond, WA – AscendoSoft Inc., a leading provider of software solutions and services, is celebrating their fifth anniversary this month.  AscendoSoft was founded in October 2009 by three experienced software experts and has steadily grown to almost 100 customers covering a wide range of industries.

“We are very proud to celebrate five years in business and we are looking forward to many more successful years.  Despite starting in a difficult economic climate, we were able to fight through those early years and establish a healthy business where revenue has increased every year.  We started with a vision of providing software and services to various vertical markets and have delivered on that vision and more.  The other two co-founders and I have stuck to our primary goals, yet we have remained flexible and branched out when new opportunities made sense for our long term growth.” said Brian Miller, AscendoSoft Co-Founder and COO.

“Looking back on the days prior to starting the business, we were confident that we would be able to successfully market our solutions, grow a customer base, and provide first-class service.  The blend of the founders’ software skills and experience has been an important component of our success.” stated Jim Holck, AscendoSoft Chief Sales Officer.  “In addition to our own solutions, we acquired DigitalDrawer in early 2013 and have steadily grown its revenue stream.  This acquisition has allowed us to branch out to a wide range of clients and extended our partner network.”

“We have developed solutions that have gained significant acceptance and it’s great to see our customer base growing.” said Alex Givens, Chief Technology Officer of AscendoSoft Inc.  “When we started, we established integrity, service, and value as our core principles.  Our commitment to these principles has brought us several referrals from existing customers and helped grow our customer base.  Our development and professional services teams have always focused on adding value to our customers, while managing the relationship from a long-term perspective.”

 About AscendoSoft Inc. – AscendoSoft specializes in providing software solutions and professional services to customers of all sizes including vertical markets, such as financials, education, utilities, healthcare, retail, etc. AscendoSoft offers a variety of software solutions including Document Management, Address Cleansing, and Automation Utilities. The Professional Services team provides Business and IT consulting, focusing on Automic/UC4.  Sample customers include Canandaigua National Bank, Marvin’s Stores, BECU, First Tech Federal Credit Union, Boeing Sikorsky, ESCO, AllSouth Federal Credit Union, NV Energy, and Truliant Federal Credit Union.

For more information, contact AscendoSoft Inc. at +1-425-749-3850.


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