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DigitalDrawer Professional 

DigitalDrawer Professional is designed for departments and small to mid-size organizations looking for a system that can electronically manage all of its files without costing an arm and a leg.

With DigitalDrawer Professional, your business can quickly and easily capture, store, organize, and manage all of its paper records, while simultaneously protecting itself from the very real possibility of losing important documents due to water damage, fire, theft, or simply misfiling a document.  Backup DigitalDrawer locally or to the Cloud and restore as needed.  From now on, you will have what you need when you need it.

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DigitalDrawer Capture

DigitalDrawer Capture lets users quickly scan large quantities of documents.  Included in DigitalDrawer Enterprise, optional in DigitalDrawer Professional.

Using the same processes that professional scanning service providers use, DigitalDrawer Capture provides users with the ability to scan stacks and stacks of pages directly into the system while DigitalDrawer automatically parses the pages out into smaller logical documents.

This allows the user to utilize the full speed of their scanner, instead of forcing the user to scan documents separately like other scanning applications.

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DigitalDrawer Enterprise

DigitalDrawer Enterprise is for the company that has a large number of employees requiring access to the system.

With DigitalDrawer Enterprise, your business will receive all of the document management capabilities of DigitalDrawer Professional, but without any limitations on the amount of users or computers capable of using DigitalDrawer.

Enterprise makes it easy for the administrator to manage large numbers of users, while also enhancing the internal security to accommodate a large corporate network.

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DigitalDrawer Audit Trail

DigitalDrawer Audit Trail allows businesses to monitor activity within DigitalDrawer. Included in DigitalDrawer Enterprise, optional in DigitalDrawer Professional.

With DigitalDrawer Audit Trail, you can see every document that a user has looked at or you can find out everyone who has looked at a particular document.

And that’s not all. You can monitor every function a user performs within the system from the time that they log in to the time they log out. This provides you with important controls over your system which will help your business comply with regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

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