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DigitalDrawer Professional

With DigitalDrawer Professional, your business can eliminate the need for storing and searching through loads of paper files to find the desired information. By storing all of your paper files within DigitalDrawer, finding a particular document when you need it will be a snap. DigitalDrawer also lets you backup your files locally or in the Cloud so you can turn that wasted file storage space into useful office space.

With DigitalDrawer Professional you can:

  • Quickly scan your paper files directly into DigitalDrawer
  • Drag and drop documents directly into the folder or sub-folder in DigitalDrawer
  • Easily locate and view documents by searching for keywords associated with the documents
  • Add and save highlights, notes, stamps, and redactions (black-out) to the files for future reference, without jeopardizing the integrity of the original file
  • Print or email any file directly from the system, choosing whether or not to include highlights or other annotations in the file
  • Store documents within multiple file cabinets for increased document organization
  • Specify which files individual users can access within the system, allowing you to departmentalize your file cabinets and retain control over access
  • Revert back to previous versions of Word or Excel documents, preventing you from ever losing important information due to a mistake by another

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