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DigitalDrawer Capture

DigitalDrawer Capture is the document scanning software from AscendoSoft that allows your organization to utilize the full speed and capacity of your in-house scanner to quickly and efficiently scan and label your documents. With DigitalDrawer Capture, getting your documents into DigitalDrawer is a breeze, saving you time and money on what is normally the most costly and time-intensive aspect of becoming paperless.

DigitalDrawer Capture will allow you scan the way the professionals do by splitting up tasks.You can do all of your scanning first and then label the documents later using quick auto-indexing tools.  When you compare this process to the normal process of having to scan each document separately, name each document, and then place each document in the appropriate folder, the DigitalDrawer Capture process is a no-brainer.

With DigitalDrawer Capture you can:

  • Scan entire stacks of pages all at once, while DigitalDrawer automatically parses those pages into smaller, logical documents
  • Break up large PDF files into smaller, more manageable documents
  • Quickly label the documents virtually all at the same time using Capture’s many auto-indexing tools
  • Import large quantities of PDF files and automatically label them using each document’s current filename and folder names

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